about aaron

Been though a lot of angelic, demonic situations in real life, and in my sleep. It's been tough, it's been tough. But I never gave up and things are starting to look brighter for me, hopefully for you too thanks all to God. Dealing with demonic voices in my head all day long, seeing increadible things of dark nature that stems from evil forces. Seeing a reality in which I dont know how it's even possible. I just don't ya know. All I can do is keep pushing and I expect yall to do the same for the outcome will be brilliant and worthwhile. Sew good seeds wherever you go and you shall reap what you sew and get in return have possitive outcomes in every situation THUS YOU NEED thanks to God. It's never to late to sew good seeds and reap what you sew, the starting point is now and in return is everlasting. Love is all and all is love in relevance to what matters. We will see our society grow more to appreciate this aspect of existance as we further ourselves in development of thy soul. Love will conquer all. Just keep on the straight path please. When you see the road getting windy and you can't quite see the path, just keep straight ahead on and on you go. Whatever you do do it with a good conciouss, you cannot hide from yourself so keep it pure.  Music is a little piece of myself and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening. - Aaron Fisher

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